News | 18 June 2021
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New Arrivals
Summerhill Vineyard Riesling 2018
Canada, British Columbia
91 WA
Painted Rock Red Icon 2014
Canada, British Columbia
94 JS 92 GOW
Top-rated Wines
Benjamin Bridge Nova 7 2019
Canada, Nova Scotia
98 QV
Meyer Micro Cuvee Chardonnay 2018
Canada, British Columbia
96 D 94 WSC 93 WA 93 GOW
Summerhill Cipes Brut NV
Canada, British Columbia
95 SFC 92 WA 92 GM 91 NM 91 JS 89 D
Summerhill Cipes Ariel 2000
Canada, British Columbia
95 D 94 WA 93 WA 93 WA
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Monthly Sale - Sauvignon Blanc 10% OFF
Discover Canadian Sauvignon Blanc at 10% off! Sauvignon Blanc is a versatile star in Canada's 2 main wine regions, offering an array of expressions in line with the great Sauvignon Blancs from France.  Enjoy exploring these wines at a great price this month! (uneligible for coupons)
Date & Time
14 August 2021
Heavenly Vines Store
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Go Canada Go! 'Red and White' Olympic Sets!
Enjoy cheering on the 'red and white' with these great regional red and white sets!  A few each from BC. Ontario and Nova Scotia!  (The offer ends on Sunday, September 5. Uneligible for coupons)

About Canadian Wines

Canadian wine is a mere 0.3% of global production, making it difficult to obtain. Yet despite minuscule amounts, the quality is extremely high, leading to regular outstanding reviews by top world writers and  competitions. You'll find Canadian wines to be good value compared to similar styles from more famous regions!

Wineries by region

While the Niagara Peninsula in southern Ontario and the Okanagan Valley in southern British Columbia account for 80% of Canadian wine production, there are numerous additional outstanding regions within both provinces including the Similkameen Valley and Prince Edward County, and areas in Quebec and Nova Scotia. 

British Columbia
Mountains, oceans, lakes & desert creating diverse climates, producing wide range of varieties.
Defined by latitude, lakes & limestone. Great Lakes make it perfect for cool climate grapes.
Dry, fortified, sparkling and sweet wines from a variety of cold hardy grape varieties.
Nova Scotia
Primarily hybrid, with a new trend of vinifera plantings. Known for its specialization in sparkling.

About Canadian Spirits

In Alberta, where there are no wine-producing regions, the popularity of locally produced spirits has been growing rapidly in recent years. Craft gins and bitters, which are produced in small quantities, are popular, and their flavorful taste is attracting international attention.

View Distilleries

Small distilleries producing high quality spirits with local ingredients & traditional methods.