Foxtrot Four Shadows Vineyard Chardonnay 2015

Canada, British Columbia
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
Region Okanagan Valley
Producer Foxtrot Vineyards
Vintage 2015
Color White Wine
Varietal(s) Chardonnay
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
Region Okanagan Valley
Producer Foxtrot Vineyards
Vintage 2015
Color White Wine
Varietal(s) Chardonnay
Closure Cork
Volume 750ml
Alcohol 13.1%
Product Code B004W00215
UPC 626990094463
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Tasting notes

This wine from the 2015 vintage with medium to light lemon colour has aromas of citrus and stone fruit typical of the Naramata terroir. The 25% skin contact adds some tropical fruit aromas complemented by light spicy notes from the barrel aging. These flavours continue on the palate with a complex minerality framed by a full round mid palate and a refreshing crisp finish. This wine can be consumed in the near term or aged for 5 to 8 years. 



The fruit for the 2015 Chardonnay was sourced from 20 year old Chardonnay vines grown on a vineyard on the lower slopes of Campbell Mountain at the south end of the Naramata Bench. The vineyard soils consist of rocky glacial till mixed with some lacustrine deposits. 


The fruit was allowed to macerate on the skins for 12 hours to add body and elevate the aromatics and was fermented separately from the whole cluster pressed fruit. Fermentation took place in 25% new and 75% used Francois Freres oak barrels, including one 500L Puncheon and inoculated and fermented using cultured and native yeasts. The wine underwent ML and was aged sur lie eleven months after which the wine was racked from barrel, cold stabilized, and underwent a light filtration before going into bottle.


Producer Description

Foxtrot Vineyards is a small family-owned and operated winery located on the Naramata bench in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. The winery specializes in ultra premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and has received praise from top sommeliers and international wine critics alike.


Foxtrot’s home vineyard is situated on the upper Naramata Bench with the old lake level cutting through the middle of the vineyard. This means there are two distinct soil types in our upper and lower vineyard sections. The lower blocks are alluvial in make up and yield fruit with softness, perfume and rich berry qualities. The upper vineyard consists of glacial till, contributing spiciness, rich structure and concentration.

Farming Practices

Foxtrot Vineyard’s philosophy is that great wine begins in the vineyard. We work carefully on a vine-by-vine basis aggressively pruning in the early season to ensure a balanced canopy. Immediately after fruit set we green harvest any excess clusters to ensure optimum yield per vine. Leaf thinning is carried out in two passes, with the north side completed first in order to ensure even ripeness of the clusters at harvest time. Once veraison is nearly complete, any clusters lagging behind are dropped to the ground.

Picking may be carried out in several passes with different blocks of the vineyard picked separately when they are at their optimum maturity level. Any clusters not meeting Foxtrot Vineyard’s quality standards

Sustainable Farming

At Foxtrot Vineyards the choices we make in the vineyard have a profound influence, not only on the quality of the vines, but on the health of the environment as well. Our goal is to ensure a vineyard environment that is in harmony with the natural environment. By embracing Mother Nature we hope to create a vibrant vineyard that will produce high quality grapes for years to come.

We encourage native cover crops which are drought resistant to grow in our vineyard. These help prevent erosion and improve soil structure and water infiltration. All grape stems and skins remaining after fermentations are composted and later reintroduced into the vineyard returning valuable nutrients and organic matter to the soil.

Drip irrigation is used throughout the vineyard delivering water to the vines roots versus overhead irrigation which water the whole vineyard. This form of irrigation also allows us to water each block individually. By walking the vineyard regularly we are able to monitor vine stress allowing us to water more judiciously and only those vine rows

Farming in a sustainable manner requires diligence and providing individual attention to each vine. This results in a labour intensive system of canopy management and during the growing season we will make several passes through the vineyard removing new shoots, training vines onto our trellising system, removing lateral shoots, and leaf pulling. By doing this, we are able to ensure a balanced canopy with good light and air exposure. This practice naturally minimizes undesirable molds and rot.

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